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Summer days feel extra long, but somehow they still go by extra quickly. If you are looking to make the most of your Summer, rest assured, there is still plenty of fun to be had right here in the Atlanta Area.

We have perhaps reached the part of Summer where kids and parents alike are ready for a change of scenery, and sometimes, just getting out of the house and doing a little local exploring can do everyone some good! Atlanta State Park is a wonderful resource local families can enjoy. With amenities like 58 campsites, hiking/biking/jogging trails, canoe and kayak rentals, license-free fishing off the bank (with paid park entry of course), geocaching, bird watching and more, Atlanta State Park is a breath of fresh air and adventure the whole family can enjoy!

In the Summer time, Atlanta State Park hosts several special events and activities such as Painting in the Park, Dutch Oven Cooking Demos, Birding Classes and Crafts, Night Hikes, and more! You can follow the Park events line-up on their Facebook page, “Atlanta State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife.” You should also be watching for other notable events out at the Park like “Christmas in the Park” and “Easter in the Park!”

Another wonderful Summer resource is our Atlanta Public Library. The Library has a special floor for children, and the staff does a phenomenal job of planning and facilitating programs all Summer long! Special guest reading sessions, crafts, activity bags, educational programs, and all kinds of other happenings that not only give families something to do over the Summer, but also serve as vital community development tools to educate our youth and care for our local families. You can keep up with all the cool things happening at Atlanta Public Library on their Facebook page, “Atlanta Texas Public Library.”

One of Atlanta’s more-hidden gems is a system of biking/hiking trails. In the piney woods surrounding our Sportsplex ballfields, there are 6.2 miles of well-beaten trails, built buy a local named Greg Beers with the help of his fellow mountain bike enthusiasts. The trails have directional and mile markers along the path, so keep your eyes on the trees for guidance when you go exploring. If you would like to meet the mastermind behind the Sportsplex trails, stop by and “refuel” at Caffe Crema Specialty Coffee in Downtown, Atlanta. Greg and his wife, Tanya, are the owners.

When Summer seems to be at a stall, we encourage you to get out and about in your own community. There is probably more to do than you realized!

Our quote of the week is, “Not all who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

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